BUCOVINA Ultra Rocks ~ 2020

08 August 2020 Campulung Moldovenesc, Romania



Cursa Limita locuri Data inchidere Status înscrieri
Ultra Rocks 105k 100 03 August 2020 Inchise
4 Summits 80k 100 03 August 2020 Inchise
Lady's Rocks 43k 150 03 August 2020 Inchise
Rocky 29k 150 03 August 2020 Inchise
Rumble Rock 15k 150 03 August 2020 Inchise

Race Description

Organized by ULTRA LIFE Sport Club and Sport Management Events (Cluj EcoTrail Ultramarathon, Hoia Baciu Night Run, La Salina Race, Transilvania Half Marathon,…) BUCOVINA ULTRA ROCKS 100 will show to the runners and supporters a magic, still untouched part of Romania, legendary Bucovina. The long race, 105k (6650 D+/-), is passing Rarau summit (1650m), Pietrosu Bistritei summit (1793) and Giumalau summit (1857m) starting from Campulung Moldovenesc

The Rarau and the Giumalau Mountains dominate the charming Bucovina, enchanting the runners and supporters with their picturesque beauty and wild natural landscapes. Full of dense coniferous forests and secular woods, bathed in quick and crystalline springs, animated by the cheerful chirping of the birds, these mountains invite you to discover their charm. On the trails of the massifs, at the foot of the great white rocks, or in the meadows full of multicolored flowers, you will come to know the harmony of the stone fortress surrounded by legends. Trail running lovers will enjoy spectacular panoramas, mysterious sunrises and sunsets and ancient stories passed on from the elders.